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Qianqingtang shumu 千頃堂書目

Feb 19, 2011 © Ulrich Theobald

Qianqingtang shumu 千頃堂書目 "Catalogue of the Hall of One Thousand Acres" is a book catalogue of the library in the Qianqing Hall compiled during the early Qing period 清 (1644-1911) by Huang Yuji 黃虞稷 (1626-1692), courtesy name Yutai 俞邰, style Chuyuan 楮園, from Anping 安平 in the district of Jinjiang 晉江 close to Quanzhou 泉州, Fujian.

The library had been established by his father Huang Juzhong 黃居中 (1562-1644), who had served as an official of the Directorate of Education (guozijian 國子監) in the southern capital Nanjing. During the cataclysm of the disintegration of the Ming empire 明 (1368-1644) and the conquest of Nanjing in 1645 by the Manchus a lot of books went lost, but Huang Yuji tried to repurchase what had disappeared, and even enlarged the library of his father.

The catalogue is 32-juan long and is divided into the four traditional sections of literature, namely the Confucian Classics, historiographical works, Masters and philosophers, and belles-lettres. These are further divided into 49 categories.

For all books, Huang Yuji indicated the title, the author, and the length, and for some books also provided information about origin and content. The catalogue served for the compilation of the imperial bibliography Yiwen zhi 藝文志 (ch. 96-99) in the official dynastic history of the Ming period, Mingshi 明史. The greatest part of the more than 12,000 books listed in the catalogue were written during the Ming period, but there are also some earlier writings listed at the end of each category. These parts are very interesting because they can serve as a supplement for catalogues of Song-period 宋 (960-1279) writings.

The Qianqingtang shumu existed only in manuscript form (one copy now being stored in the Seikadō Library 靜嘉堂 in Tōkyō) before being included in the imperial series Siku quanshu 四庫全書. The first modern print was published in 1913 as a facsimile of this manuscript in the series Shiyuan congshu 適園叢書 and later by the Zhongguo Shudian Press 中國書店.

Table 1. Contents of the Qianqingtang shumu 千頃堂書目
經部 Jingbu Confucian Classics
Yi The Book of Changes
Shu The Book of Documents
Shi The Book of Songs
三禮 Sanli The three books on rites
禮樂 Liyue Books on ritual music
春秋 Chunqiu The Spring and Autumn Annals
孝經 Xiaojing The book on Filial Piety
論語 Lunyu The Confucian Analects
孟子 Mengzi The Book of Master Meng
經解 Jingjie Explanations to the Classics in general
四書 Sishu Treatises on the Four Books
小學 Xiaoxue Lexicography
史部 Shibu Historiography
國史 Guoshi Histories of the Ming dynasty
正史 Zhengshi Official dynastic histories
通史 Tongshi Comprehensive histories
編年 Biannian Annals and chronicles
別史 Bieshi Alternative histories
霸史 Bashi Histories of competitive states
史學 Shixue Books on historiography
史抄 Shichao Historical excerpts
地理 Dili Administrative geography
職官 Zhiguan Books on state offices
典故 Diangu Books on statecraft regulations
時令 Shiling Edicts concerned with seasons
食貨 Shihuo Books on state economy
儀注 Yizhu Books on state rituals
政刑 Zhengxing Books on law
傳記 Zhuanji Biographies
譜系 Puxi Genealogies
簿錄 Pulu Petty records
子部 Zibu Masters and philosophers
儒家 Rujia Confucian treatises
雜家 Zajia Miscellaneous treatises
農家 Nongjia Agricultural treatises
小說 Xiaoshuo Novellas
兵家 Bingjia Military treatises
天文 Tianwen Astronomical treatises
歷數 Lishu Treatises on calendar
五行 Wuxing Treatises on the Five Agents
醫家 Yijia Medical treatises
藝術 Yishu Treatises on the arts
類書 Leishu Encyclopedias (including series)
釋家 Shijia Buddhist treatises
道家 Daojia Daoist treatises
集部 Jibu Belles-lettres
別集 Bieji Collected writings of individual persons
制誥 Zhigao Imperial edicts
表奏 Biaozou Memorials to the throne
騷賦 Saofu Poetry of the South
總集 Zongji Anthologies and collective belles-lettres
文史 Wenshi Books on the history of literature
制舉 Zhiju Standards for the state examinations
詞典 Cidian Poetry
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