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More than 1,700 articles on traditional Chinese literature,
with descriptions of individual texts and literary genres.
More than 800 biographies of persons
from mythological times to the Three Kingdoms period, and some later ages

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** Addition of new terms in economic history (Dec 2015)**
** Recent addition: Description of the Four-Corners Indexing System (October 2015) **
** Recent addition: Treatises on Water Conservancy (December 2013) **

Dear Readers, provides information about Chinese history and culture to the wider public, from academicians and highschool pupils to the interested "layman".
As it is not possible to deal with each theme about China with the same intensity I apologize for any articles not sufficiently treating a certain topic. General information about Chinese history might be better covered by other online portals. Chinaknowledge concentrates on certain aspects insufficiently dealt with by other sources, especially traditional literature, biographies, historical terms or economic history. One aim of this webpage is to give the readers access to Chinese sources in rough translations. This is particularly interesting for those not able or not brave enough to read Chinese.
I likewise apologize for any errors in my text which frequently occur because English is not my mother tongue, and I am grateful for any hints by my readers pointing to errors in typing, language, and content.

Woodblock picture of a ship, from the handicrafts compendium Tiangong kaiwu 天工開物.

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