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Hanguan jiuyi 漢官舊儀, Hanguan liuzhong 漢官六種

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Han jiuyi 漢舊儀 "Ancient Rules of the (Former) Han", shortly called Jiuyi 舊儀, later also called Hanguan jiuyi 漢官舊儀, is a fragmentary collection of administrative rules and prescriptions of the Former Han period 前漢 (206 BCE-8 CE). The book was compiled by Wei Hong 衛宏 during the Later Han period 後漢 (25-220 CE), but it was lost at an early point of time. The text includes documents like from the imperial diary, designations of court officials, and the number and hierarchies of officials in the Central Palace and the household of the Heir Apparent.
Wei Hong, courtesy name Wei Jingzhong 衛敬仲, came from the commandery of Donghai 東海 (modern Yancheng 郯城, Shandong), and was disciple of Xie Manqing 謝曼卿, a teacher of the Confucian Classic Shijing (the Mao version 毛詩), later of Du Lin 杜林, an expert in the Old-Text Shangshu 古文尚書. During the reign of Emperor Guangwu 漢光武帝 (r. 25-57 CE), the founder of the Later Han dynasty, he was appointed court gentleman for consultation (yilang 議郎).
There are several different collections of fragments from the Hanguan jiuyi, found in the reprint series Wuyingdian juzhenban shu 武英殿聚珍版書, Siku quanshu 四庫全書, Sibu congkan 四部備要 and Pingjinguang congshu 平津館叢書. The Sibu beiyao 四部備要 draws from several different sources and calls the title of the fragment collection Hanguan liuzhong 漢官六種 "Six collections about the offices of the Han". While all other collections are based on the text included in the Ming period 明 (1368-1644) encylcopedia Yongle dadian 永樂大典 and the Zhiguan fenji 職官分紀, with a length of only 1 juan "scroll", that of the Sibu beiyao amounts to 2 juan, with an appendix (Buyi 補遺) of 2 juan. This lengthy version is the result of Sun Xingyan's 孫星衍 collection of additional fragments from the encyclopaedias Beitang shuchao 北堂書鈔, Yiwen leiju 藝文類聚, Chuxueji 初學記, Tongdian 通典, Taiping yulan 太平御覽 and Taiping huanyu ji 太平寰宇記 and the commentaries to the anthology Wenxuan 文選.

漢官六種 Hanguan liuzhong
(Qing) 孫星衍 Sun Xingyan (comp.)
書名, length in juan Title Author(s)
漢官 一卷 Hanguan (Han) NN
漢官解詁 一卷
(附)漢制度 一卷
Hanguan jiegu
(app.) Han zhidu
(Han) 王隆 Wang Long; (Han) 胡廣 Hu Guang (comm.)
漢舊儀 二卷
補遺 二卷
Han jiuyi
(Han) 衛宏 Wei Hong
(Qing) 孫星衍 Sun Xingyan (suppl.)
漢官儀 二卷 Hanguan yi (Han) 應劭 Ying Shao
漢官典職儀式選用 一卷 Hanguan dianzhi yishi xuanyong (Han) 蔡質 Cai Zhi
漢儀 一卷 Hanyi (Wu) 丁孚 Ding Fu
Shanghai tushuguan 上海圖書館 (ed. 1982), Zhongguo congshu zonglu 中國叢書綜錄 (Shanghai: Shanghai guji chubanshe), Vol 1, pp. 315-325.

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