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Sanjiang shuili jilüe 三江水利紀略

Dec 21, 2013 © Ulrich Theobald

Sanjiang shuili jilüe 三江水利紀略 "Concise Description of Hydraulic Works at the Three Rivers" is a book on river conservancy written by the Qing-period 清 (1644-1911) scholar Su Erde 蘇爾德, who was administration commissioner (buzhengshi 布政使) of Jiangsu. The "three rivers" are those into which the outbranching creeks of Lake Taihu 太湖 flow, namely Liuhe 劉河 or Loujiang 婁江, Huangpu 黃浦 or Dongjiang 東江, and Songjiang 淞江.

The 4-juan long book was printed in 1763. It begins with maps on the regions, then presents a collection of official documents on the management of the three rivers, goes on to a description of concervancy works, their cost and rules to implement them, and finally enumerates the merits of local officials who successfully "tamed" these three rivers, namely governor Zhuang Yougong 莊有恭 (1713-1767), Su Erde himself, and Li Yongshu 李永疏, circuit intendant (daotai 道太) of Susong 蘇松.

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