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Guangxi mingsheng zhi 廣西名勝志

Oct 5, 2019 © Ulrich Theobald

Guangxi mingsheng zhi 廣西名勝志 is a book on famous sites in the province of Guangxi written during the late Ming period 明 (1368-1644) by Cao Xuequan 曹學佺 (1574-1647), courtesy name Nengshi 能始, style Shicang 石倉, from Houguan 侯官 (today part of Fuzhou 福州, Fujian).

He was in 1622 right assistant administration commissioner (buzhengsi you canyi 布政司右參議) of Guangxi and later that decade was appointed vice surveillance commissioner (fu anchashi 按察副使) of that province (yet without taking office). He wrote also a similar book on whole China, Da-Ming yitong mingsheng zhi 大明一統名勝志. His collected writings are called Shiqiang shiwen ji 石倉詩文集.

His description of Guangxi has a length of 10 juan and includes an overview of the administrative history in the introduction (zongxu 總序), and detailed accounts on each prefecture and district, its founding, distances of the local administration seats, and – as the core part – of landscape and "tourist" spots and stories concerning the latter (fengjing mingsheng 風景名勝). The text is interesting for its information on local tribes and the system of native chieftains (tusi 土司).

The Shanghai Guji Shudian 上海古籍書店 published in 1927 a thread-bound facsimile of the original copy.

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