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Guangdong yutu 廣東輿圖

Sep 22, 2019 © Ulrich Theobald

Guangdong yutu 廣東輿圖 is the oldest regular local gazetteer on the province of Guangdong. It was compiled by Jiang Yi 蔣伊 (1631-1687), courtesy name Weigong 渭公, style Xintian 莘田, and Han Zuodong 韓作棟 (fl. 1685) and is supplemented by maps drawn by Lu Shi 盧士, courtesy name Ziyan 子淹, and Liu Ren 劉任, courtesy name Tiren 體仁. The book of 12 juan includes 99 maps of the whole province, the prefectures and districts. The text describes the administrative history of each unit, its geography, the seats of the local government, moutains, rivers and ports.

It was first printed in 1685, and again as facsimile in 1992 in the series Beijing tushuguan guji wenxian zhenben congkan 北京圖書館古籍文獻珍本叢刊.

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