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(Chunxi) Sanshan zhi (淳熙)三山志

Oct 25, 2013 © Ulrich Theobald

(Chunxi) Sanshan zhi (淳熙)三山志 "Records of the Three Mountains" is a local gazetteer written during the Southern Song-period 南宋 (1127-1279) by Chen Fuliang 陳傅良 (1137-1203) and later revised by Liang Kejia 梁克家 (1128-1187). Sanshan 三山 "Three Mountains" is another name for the province of Fujian. It was written during the Chunxi reign-period 淳熙 (1174-1189).

In 40 juan (two more were added later) Chen Fuliang presents extract and resummés of an old reports of the region of the prefecture of Fuzhou (old name: Changle 長樂) compiled by Lin Shicheng 林世程. He expanded Lin's basic work (Changlezhi 長樂志) until the end of the Chunxi reign-period. Like all books of the gazetteer type Chen's report of Fujian gives an exhaustive encyclopaedical account of all matters of that particular region, like geography, administration, publications, tax and household questions, military, officials, eminent persons, monasteries, and local customs and habits.

Many aspects of Chen's and Liang's book cover detailed matters that are not touched in the official and semi-official histories of the region of Fujian, especially during the period of the Five Dynasties 五代 (907-960), like Wudaishi 五代史 and Shiguo chunqiu 十國春秋.

Table 1. Contents of the (Chunxi) Sanshan zhi (淳熙)三山志
1-6 地里類 Geography
7-9 公廨類 Institutions and administration
10-16 版籍類 Household registers, cadastral survey, hydraulic work
17 財賦類 Taxes
18-19 兵防類 Military affairs
20-25 秩官類 Officials
26-32 人物類 Eminent persons
33-38 寺觀類 Sacred places
39-42 土俗類 Customs, local products, flora and fauna
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