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Ming dazheng zuanyao 明大政纂要

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Ming dazheng zuanyao 明大政纂要 "The greatest political events of the Ming period" is a history book on the Ming dynasty compiled by Tang Xisi 譚希思 (1542-1623), courtesy name Zicheng 子誠, style Yuenan 岳南. He hailed from Chaling 茶陵, Hunan, and was grand coordinator (xunfu 巡撫) of Sichuan. In his 60-juan long book he presents the most important events in the history of the Ming dynasty until 1572 in chronological shape. Each ruler is furthermore characterized in a short discussion (lunzan 論贊). The preface, written by Han Jing 韓敬, says that the book was printed by XXX 侍御方壺劉公. In a surviving manuscript edition the seal of the censor (ducha yushi 監察御史) the province of Zhili is preserved. In this version many handwritten corrections are made, and it seems that it was perhaps Tan Xisi's own manuscript.

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