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Ducheng jisheng 都城紀勝

The Four Categories of Literature
Ducheng jisheng 都城紀勝 "Exhaustive description of the capital" is an account of the capital Lin'an 臨安 (modern Hangzhou 杭州, Zhejiang) during the Southern Song period 南宋 (1127-1279). It was written by a scholar named Nai Deweng 耐得翁 (original surname: Zhao 趙) who once traveled to the capital and wrote down what he observed and published his small book in 1235. It is modeled after the book Luoyang mingyuan ji 洛陽名園記 "The famous gardens of Luoyang" by Li Gefei 李格非. But Nai Deweng describes much more than only gardens. In 14 topics he gives detailed accounts of streets, shops, bars, schools, temples and monasteries, public entertainment, and so on. For two questions the Ducheng jisheng is an important source: It presents informations about the popular theatre and public performances of singers and actors, and secondly, so that a lot can be learnt about social life in the cities of Song China.

市井 Shijing Markets
諸行 Zhuhang Workshops
酒肆 Jiusi Bars
食店 Shipu Foodstalls
茶坊 Chafang Tea houses
四司六局 Sisi liuju The four offices and six bureaus
瓦舍眾伎 Washe zhongji The artists and singers of the Brick Quarters
社會 Shehui Guilds and societies
園苑 Yuanyuan Gardens
舟船 Zhouchuan Ships
鋪席 Puxi Shops
坊院 Fangyuan Quarters
閑人 Xianren Travelers
三教外地 Sanjiao waidi The three religions in the outskirts of the city

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