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Gongsun Gui Fu 公孫歸父

Oct 20, 2012 © Ulrich Theobald

"Ducal Grandson" Gongsun Gui Fu 公孫歸父, courtesy name Zijia 子家, was a high minister in the state of Lu 魯 during the Spring and Autumn period 春秋 (770-5th cent. BCE). He was a son of Zhong Sui 仲遂 (Xiang Zhong 襄仲) and served Duke Xuan 魯宣公 (r. 609-591) from 601 to 591 as chief minister and successor of his father.

In 598, he joined the forces of Lu with the troops of some noblemen of Qi 齊 to attack the statelet of Ju 莒. As the highest politician in the state of Lu he also met the duke of Qi in 595 in Gu 谷 (modern Dong'a 東阿, Shandong) and in 594 King Zhuang of Chu 楚莊王 (r. 613-591) in Song 宋.

When the Three Huan families 三桓 became more and more influential, Gui Fu planned to ask the duke of Jin 晉 for support to get rid of these nobles. Yet during his travel to Jin, Duke Xuan of Lu died, and Gui Fu returned without having achieved his plan.

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