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Chinese History - Jingnan 荊南 (Nanping 南平; 924-963)

Gao Jixing 高季興 (also called Gao Jichang 高季昌) was a follower of Zhu Wen 朱溫 who had founded the empire of Later Liang (Houliang 後梁). Gao Jixing was installed as military commissioner (jiedushi 節度使) of Jingnan 荊南 in 907, in 914 as king of Bohai 渤海 in the northeast. By this measure, the rulers of Liang to prohibit him from founding his own empire. After the Liang Dynasty was toppled by Later Tang (Houtang 後唐), Gao Jixing was enfeoffed as king of Nanping 南平 in 924 (posthumous Nanping Wuxinwang 南平武信王 or Beichu Wuxinwang 北楚武信王; the empire is also called Northern Chu, Beichu 北楚). He could control a great part of the empire of Former Shu (Qianshu 前蜀) but soon lost these territories again. His empire was the smallest and weakest of the Ten Kingdoms. Nontheless, because Jingnan was an important turntable within the north-south trade it remained untouched for a long time. A great part of the tax revenue of Nanping consisted of trade taxes. In 963 the armies of Song 宋 conquered Nanping.

Jingnan Dynasty 荊南 (Nanping 南平; 924-963)
Capital: Jingzhou 荊州 (modern Jiangling 江陵, Hubei)
temple name
-----reign periods
personal name
Jingnan Wuxinwang 荊南武信王 (r. 921/928) Gao Jixing 高季興 (or Jichang 季昌)
Jingnan Wenxianwang 荊南文獻王 (r. 928-947) Gao Conghui 高從誨
Jingnan Zhenyiwang 荊南貞懿王 (r. 948-960) Gao Baorong 高保融
The Director of the Chancellery (Sizhong 伺中, acting 960-961) Gao Baoxu 高保勗
The Director of the Chancellery (acting 962-963) Gao Jichong 高繼沖
963 Jingnan conquered by Song 宋.

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