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Chinese History - Chu Dynasty 楚 (926-951)

Ma Yin 馬殷 (posthumous Chu Wumuwang 楚武穆王 - see titles of emperors) was a follower of the generals Sun Ru 孫儒 and Liu Jianfeng 劉建鋒 who fought against the rebel Yang Xingmi 楊行密 (later ruler of Wu 吳). In 896 Ma Yin was installed as military commissioner (jiedushi 節度使) of Hunan 湖南, in 907 as king of Chu 楚. His reign was a quite peaceful period with low taxation for the peasantry and salesmen. Chu exported tea and imported silk products and horses. Trade with other regions was only possible by bartering with commodities because the coins of Chu were not valid abroad. Also inside Chu, people were prompted to pay with silk products rather than with coins. After Ma Yin’s death the court was shaken by succession struggles that were only ended when Southern Tang (Nantang 南唐) conquered Chu in 951. The area was occupied by several generals until 962 when the Song 宋 emperor conquered this territory.

Chu Dynasty 楚 (926-951)
Capital: Tanzhou 潭州 (modern Changsha 長沙, Hunan)
temple name
-----reign periods
personal name
Chu Wumuwang 楚武穆王 (r. 926-929) Ma Yin 馬殷
The Prince of Hengyang 衡陽王 (r. 930-931) Ma Xisheng 馬希聲
Chu Wenzhaowang 楚文昭王 (r. 932-946) Ma Xifan 馬希範
The Deposed King (Feiwang) of Chu 楚廢王 (r. 947-949) Ma Xiguang 馬希廣
Chu Gongxiaowang 楚恭孝王 (r. 950-951) Ma Xi'e 馬希蕚
The Prince of Chu 楚王 (r. 951-962) Ma Xichong 馬希崇
962 Chu conquered by Song 宋.

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