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Yang Chu Fu 陽處父

Nov 7, 2012 © Ulrich Theobald

Yang Chu Fu 陽處父 (died 621 BCE) was a nobleman in the state of Jin 晉 during the Spring and Autumn period 春秋 (770-5th cent. BCE). He occupied the post of Grand Mentor (taifu 太傅) and participated in the government of Duke Xiang of Jin 晉襄公 (r. 628-621).

In 627, he commanded the army of Jin in the joint campaign with the states of Zheng 鄭 and Chen 陳 against Xu 許 and Cai 蔡, yet when Prince Zishang 子上 of Chu 楚 arrived with a contingent for the support of Cai, the armies separated without engaging in battle.

In 625, the army of Jin attacked the state of Lu 魯 and forced Duke Wen 魯文公 (r. 627-609) to pay homage to the duke of Jin and to conclude a peaceful alliance (meng 盟). A year later the army of Chu besieged the small state of Jiang 江 (near modern Xixian 息縣, Henan), whose ruling dynasty was related to the royal house of Zhou. Yang Chu Fu supported "Royal Uncle" Duke Heng 王叔恒公 in the relief campaign.

In 621, the duke of Jin inspected the troops at Yi 夷 (location unknown) and created two divisions under the command of Hu Yigu 狐射姑, a son of Hu Yan 狐偃, and his assistant Zhao Dun 趙盾 (Zhao Xuanzi 趙宣子). Yang Chu Fu afterwards inspected the troops at Dong 董 (near modern Wanrong 萬榮, Shanxi) and created a central army under the command of Zhao Dun and with Hu Yigu as assistant commander. Hu took revenge for his degradation and had Yang Chu Fu assassinated.

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