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(Xinbian jicheng) Mayifang niuyifang (新編集成)馬醫方牛醫方

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(Xinbian jicheng) Mayifang niuyifang 新編集成馬醫方牛醫方 (Korean title Sinp'yon chipsăng maŭibang uŭibang) "New compilation of medical prescriptions for equines and bovines" is a book on veterinary medicine for horses and buffalos written in Chinese language (hanmun 漢文) by the Korean scholars Cho Chun 趙浚 (1346-1405), Kim Sa-hyŏng 金士衡 (1341-1407), Kwŏn Chung-hwa 權仲和 (1322-1408) and Han Sang-kyeng 韓尚敬.

The book was finished in 1399, but first printed as late as 1633. It consists of two part, of which the first focuses on horses, and the second on buffalos. The theoretical fundament of this medical classic is the theory of zang and fu organs (zangfu 臟腑) developed in China. The text mainly quotes from older Chinese books on the topic, namely Simu anji ji 司牧安驥集, Fanmu zuan yanfang 蕃牧纂驗方 and Quanji tongxuan lun 痊驥通玄論, but confirms the prescriptions of these texts on the basis of clinical experience. The 34 figures of diseases and materia medica are the same as the 36 shows in the Simu anji ji (apart from two missing figures).

Both parts of the book explain how to examine horses and buffalos from their outer appearance, feeding and general care, the examination of colours of certain parts of the body, pulse diagnosis, acupuncture, moxibustion and disease prevention and treatment. The authors record about 150 types of diseases equines and bovines can be afflicted with. The book included 212 prescriptions and identifies 142 acupoints.

Figure 1. Inspection points of "good horses" (liangma xiang tu 良馬相圖)
1633 edition, printed in Cheju 濟州. Source: Center for Overseas Resources in Korean Studies

A modern edition of the text was published in 1985 by the Nongye Press 農業出版社 (China Agriculture Press).

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