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Fanmu zuan yanfang 蕃牧纂驗方

Mar 5, 2022 © Ulrich Theobald

Fanmu zuan zanfang 蕃牧纂驗方 Proved Recipes of Veterinary Medicine is a book on veterinary medicine written by Wang Yu 王愈 during the late Northern Song period. It was submitted to the throne of Emperor Zhezong 宋哲宗 when Wang was 奉儀郎 and supervisor of the horse pastures of Xilu circuit 京西路. The text is divided into 2 fascicles. The first part gives general rules for the care of horses through the year and their diet and disease prevention in particular, while the second part is dedicated to the diagnosis of particular diseases of the heart, the liver, the spleen, the lung, and the reins. The appendix provides information on acupuncture for all parts of the body, and 34 paragraphs on camel medicine. The 57 preceptions of materia medica are well-proven from practical experience. The text is transmitted as the 8th fascicle of the enlarged version of the Simu anji ji 司牧安驥集.

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