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Jiangnan cuigeng kedao bian 江南催耕課稻編

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Jiangnan cuigeng kedao bian 江南催耕課稻編 "Book of encouragement to cultivate (more) taxable rice in the region of Jiangnan" is a book on agriculture in southeast China written by Li Yanzhang 李彥章 (1794-1836), courtesy name Lanqing 蘭卿, from Houguan 侯官 (today's Minhou 閩侯), Fujian. He wrote this book when he was circuit intendant of Chang-Zhen-Tonghai 常鎭通海道.

The author mainly quotes from older books on agriculture, but also adds his own, detailed remarks to each paragraph, and added three chapters of his own that are appended to the part Zaodao zhi fa 早稻之法 "Methods of early-rice cultivation". The focus of the book is on types of rice that mature early (zaodao 早稻) which the author urges to popularize in order to make possible two growth periods (and two harvests) per year.

The book was finished in 1834 and is introduced by two prefaces, one written by Tao Shu, the governor-general (zongdu 總督) of Jiangnan, and the other by Lin Zexu 林則徐, at the time governor (xunfu 巡撫) of Jiangsu.

Some of the chapters are included in Li Yanzhang's collected writings, Rongyuan quanji 榕園全集.

Table 1. Contents of the Jiangnan cuigeng kedao bian 江南催耕課稻編
江南勸種早稻說 Encouragement of early-rice cultivation in Jiangnan
江南勸種再熟稻說 Encouragement of double-crop rice cultivation in Jiangnan
印發《催耕課稻編》通飭各府州廳率屬勸種早稻再熟稻札 Letter for the printed publication of the common order to cultivate early and double-crop rice in all prefectures as related to the book "Encouragement to cultivate (more) taxable rice"
1 國朝勸早稻之令 Imperial decree of the (Qing) dynasty for the encouragement of early-rice cultivation
2 春耕以順天時 Ploughing in spring in accordance with the weather
3 早種以因地利 Early-rice cultivation and the use of soil conditions
4 早稻原始 The origins of early-rice cultivation
5 早稻之時 The (right) time for early-rice cultivation
6 早稻之法 Methods of early-rice cultivation
(附) 福建種早晚兩熟稻之法 (app.) Methods of early- and late-rice cultivation in Fujian
廣西思恩府初種早稻之法 Methods of the first early-rice cultivation in the prefecture of Si'en, Guangxi
江北上下河高郵各州縣種早稻中稻之法 Methods of early-rice and mid-rice cultivation in the districts and prefectures of Gaoyou [etc.] north of the Yangtze River
7 各省早稻之種 The cultivation of early rice in all provinces
8 江南早稻之種 The cultivation of early rice in Jiangnan
9 再熟之稻 Double-crop rice
10 江南再熟之稻 Double-crop rice in Jiangnan
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