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Tian Jingzhong 田敬仲

Nov 13, 2010 © Ulrich Theobald

Tian Jingzhong 田敬仲 (750-? BCE), also called Chen Wan 陳完, was a member of the house of Chen 陳 during the early Spring and Autumn period 春秋 (770-5th cent. BCE). He was the son of Duke Li 陳厲公 (r. 706-700).

When Gui Lin 嬀林, known as Duke Zhuang 陳莊公 (r. 699-693), killed Duke Li and usurped the throne, Chen Wan was degraded from heir apparent to grand master (dafu 大夫). He later was able to become friends with Prince Yukou 御寇, but Wan's fortunes were terminated when Yukou was killed by Duke Xuan 陳宣公 (r. 692-648).

Wan left Chen and took refuge in the state of Qi 齊, whose ruler, Duke Huan 齊桓公 (r. 685-643), immediately wanted to employ him as minister (qing 卿). Wan refused and was thereupon rewarded with the territory of Tian 田, a place which also gave him his new family name. He is the ancestor of the house of Tian, which should eventually replace the old ruling house of Qi Taigong 齊太公.

Table 1. Genealogy of the house of Tian 田
Duke Li of Chen 陳厲公 (r. 706-700)
Tian Jingzhong 田敬仲 (Chen Wan 陳完, Gui Wan 媯完, Tian Wan 田完)
Tian Meng Yi 田孟夷 (Tian Zhi 田稚, Tian Zhi 田穉, Yi Meng Si 夷孟思)
Tian Meng Zhuang 田孟莊 (Tian Meng Zhi 田孟芷, Tian Min 田湣)
Tian Wenzi 田文子 (Tian Xuwu 田須無)
Tian Hengzi 田桓子 (Tian Wuyu 田無宇)
Tian Wuzi 田武子 (Tian Kai 田開) Tian Xizi 田僖子 (Tian Xizi 田釐子, Tian Qi 田乞) Tian Shu 田書 (Sun Shu 孫書)
Tian Chengzi 田成子 (Tian Heng 田恒, Tian Chang 田常)
Tian Xiangzi 田襄子 (Tian Pan 田盤)
Tian Zhuangzi 田莊子 (Tian Bai 田白, d. 411)
Tian Daozi 田悼子 (d. 405) Tian He 田和 (Qi Taigong 齊太公 II)
Tian Wu 田午 (Qi Huangong 齊桓公 II, r. 384-379)
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