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Chinese History - Chen Dynasty 陳 (557-589)

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The Chen dynasty 陳 (557-589) was the last of the Southern Dynasties 南朝 (420~589). It was founded by Chen Baxian 陳霸先 (r. 557-559).

Chen Dynasty 陳 (557-589)
Chen Wudi 陳武帝 {Gaozu 高祖} (r. 557-559)
-----Yongding 永定 557-559
Chen Baxian 陳霸先
Chen Wendi 陳文帝 {Shizu 世祖} (r. 559-566)
-----Tianjia 天嘉 560-565
-----Tiankang 天康 566
Chen Qian 陳蒨
The Deposed Emperor (Feidi) of Chen 陳廢帝, Prince of Linhai 臨海王 (r. 566-568)
-----Guangda 光大 567-568
Chen Bozong 陳伯宗
Chen Xuandi 陳宣帝 {Gaozong 高宗} (r. 569-582)
-----Taijian 太建 569-582
Chen Xu 陳頊
The Last Ruler (Houzhu) of Chen 陳後主, Duke of Changcheng 長城公 (r. 582-589)
-----Zhide 至德 583-586
-----Zhenming 禎明 587-589
Chen Shubao 陳叔寶
589 Chen empire conquered by Sui 隋.

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