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Zuilipu 檇李譜

Feb 28, 2022 © Ulrich Theobald

Zuilipu 檇李譜 is a book on the Chinese plum (zuili 檇李, Prunus salicina) as cultivated in the region of Jiaxing 嘉興, Zhejiang. It was written by Wang Fengchen 王逢辰 (1802-1870), courtesy name Yuyin 玉蔭, style Qiting 芑亭, who hailed from the town. Zuili was actually an ancient place name.

The book was finished in 1858, and consists of 30 short paragraphs describing cultivation, propagation, disease prevention, collection, storing and consumption.

The Zuilipu was reprinted by the Kuihuayin Studio 槐花吟館 and is included in the series Nongxue chongshu 農學叢書.

A book with the same title was published in 1937 (Xin Zhongyang Xinshua Gongsi 新中央印刷公司, Shanghai) by Zhu Mengxian 朱夢仙 (1897-1940). This text is a detailed revision and enlarged version of Wang's older book.

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