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Shuimitao pu 水蜜桃譜

Feb 25, 2022 © Ulrich Theobald

Shuimitao pu 水蜜桃譜 is a book on the honey peach , a fruit originating in Shanghai. The brief book was written by Chu Hua 褚華 (fl. 1813), courtesy name Wenzhou 文洲 or Qiu'e 秋萼, who lived all his life in Shanghai.

The fruit was already known during the Ming period 明 (1368-1644) from Master Gu's 顧氏 Luxiang Garden 露香園 and was famous for its sweetness and juiciness, and the tree was spread to Japan and even to Europe.

The book describes different cultivars and their features, the treatment of diseases, and modes of cultivation and propagation.

The text was finished and printed in 1813 by Master Li 李氏 of Shenjiang 申江 (Ziyun Hall 慈雲樓), and in 1883. It is included in the series Nongxue congshu 農學叢書 and (in a lithographic edition by the Beiyang Guanbao Ju 北洋官報局) in the series Shanghai zhanggu congshu 上海掌故叢書.

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