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Anji ji yaofang 安驥集藥方

Mar 5, 2022 © Ulrich Theobald

Anji ji yaofang “collected prescriptions of xxx” is a book on veterinary medicine compiled by an unknown author during the Tang period and transmitted as part (ch. 4 or 7) of the book Simu anji ji 司牧安驥集. The prescriptions in the book are divided into 25 categories according to the zang 臟 and fu 腑 organs concept and the classification of disease syndromes. The book lists a total of 145 prescriptions, some of which are still in use, even if some of the names have been changed. The book has a special class of prescriptions for sticking therapy as well as some external prescriptions which are not seen in other veterinary books.

Zou Jiezheng 鄒介正 (1995). "Anji ji yaofang 安驥集藥方", in Zhongguo nongye baike quanshu 中國農業百科全書, Vol. Zhong shouyi 中獸醫卷 (Beijing: Nongye chubanshe), 2.