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Jiangshi jiaxun 蔣氏家訓

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The Jiangshi jiaxun 蔣氏家訓 "Master Jiang's Family Instructions" is a book on Confucian family management written by the Qing period 清 (1644-1911) scholar Jiang Yi 蔣伊 during the Kangxi reign 康熙 (1662-1722). The texts is written as an adhortation to Jiang's sons, with the instruction not to dispise the poor and distressed, and not to exploit peasants by imposing exorbitant rents. Instead, it was important to study the writings of the ancients and to support those financially who are not able to buy books. In times of famine the greatest duty of a scholar-offial was to support the hungry. When chosing a son-in-law the family head had to look for the repution of a family as well as his official rank, and when chosing a daughter-in-law the virtue of her parents was important. Jiang Yi said that it might be allowed that if a women under the age of 30 sui became a widow, the might be allowed to marry again. The Jiangshi jiaxun is included in the reprint series Zeguzhai chongchao 澤古齋重鈔 and Congshu jicheng chubian 叢書集成初編.

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