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The Regional State of Qi 杞

Nov 1, 2018 © Ulrich Theobald
Don't confound this statelet with the great state of Qi 齊.

The rulers of this small regional state located near modern Qixian 杞縣, Henan were descendants of the Xia dynasty 夏 (20th-17th cent. BCE) and therefore were made regional rulers of this territory. There is virtually nothing known about the history of this small state, except a list of its rulers. In 445 BCE, Qi was conquered by Chu 楚.

Map 1. The regional state of Qi 杞 (11th cent. - 445 BCE)
Map according to Tan Qixiang 谭其骧 (1987), Zhongguo lishi ditu ji 中国历史地图集. The small state of Qi was located in the Yellow River Plain. It was politically meaningless and was destroyed in the late Spring and Autumn period by an incursion of the southern state of Chu. Click to enlarge.
Table 1. Rulers of the regional state of Qi 杞
Capital: Qi 杞 (modern Qixian 杞縣, Henan)
dynastic title personal name time
The Duke of Donglou 東樓公
The Duke of Xilou 西樓公
Qi Tigong 杞題公
Qi Mouqugong 杞謀娶公
Duke Wu of Qi
(Qi Wugong 杞武公)
Duke Jing of Qi
(Qi Jinggong 杞靖公)
Duke Gong of Qi
(Qi Gonggong 杞共公)
Duke Hui of Qi
(Qi Huigong 杞惠公)
Duke Cheng of Qi
(Qi Chenggong 杞成公)
Duke Huan of Qi
(Qi Huangong 杞桓公)
Si Gurong 姒姑容
Duke Xiao of Qi
(Qi Xiaogong 杞孝公)
Si Gai 姒匄
Duke Wen of Qi
(Qi Wengong 杞文公)
Si Yigu 姒益姑
Duke Ping of Qi
(Qi Pinggong 杞平公)
Si Yuli 姒郁釐
Duke Dao of Qi
(Qi Daogong 杞悼公)
Si Cheng 姒成
Duke Yin of Qi
(Qi Yingong 杞隱公)
Si Qi 姒乞
Duke Xi of Qi
(Qi Xigong 杞釐公, 杞僖公)
Si Guo 姒過
Duke Min of Qi
(Qi Mingong 杞閔公)
Si Wei 姒維
Duke Ai of Qi
(Qi Aigong 杞哀公)
Si Elu 姒閼路
Duke Chu of Qi
(Qi Chugong 杞出公)
Si Chi 姒敕
Duke Jian of Qi
(Qi Jiangong 杞簡公)
Si Chun 姒春
445 Qi destroyed by Chu
Shiji 史記, 36, Chen Qi shijia 陳杞世家.