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Wang He 王齕

Mar 2, 2019 © Ulrich Theobald

Wang He 王齕 (d. 244), also called Wang Yi 王齮, was a famous general of the state of Qin 秦 during the Warring States period 戰國 (5th cent.-221 BCE), and an ardent supporter of the use of cavalry. In 260, he participated in the siege of Shangdang 上黨 (Changzhi 長治, Shanxi), which at that time still belonged to the state of Han 韓, but was thrown back by the army of Zhao 趙 and could only be saved from defeat by a relief army under Bai Qi 白起 (d. 257 BCE). A year later, the commanded an army seizing the city of Pilao 皮牢 (Jicheng 翼城, Shanxi), owned by the state of Zhao. In 257, he supported General Wang Ling 王陵 during the siege of the city of Handan 邯鄲, capital of Zhao, and then replaced Wang Ling. Yet Wang He was as unable to take it. Instead, he crushed the army of Wei 魏 at Fencheng 汾城 and took Shangdang, which was transformed into the commandery of Taiyuan 太原, as well as the region of Ningxin 寧新. In 247, Lord Xinling 信陵君 (d. 243 BCE) of Wei defeated the army of Qin, and Wang He withdrew westwards.

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