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Chinese Mythology - Sui Ren 燧人

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Sui Ren 燧人, also called Sui Huang 遂皇, is one of the mythical Three Augusts 三皇. His is called the inventor of the use of fire and helped the people getting rid of their constant diseases by eating raw food. For the benefits of this invention, he was made ruler by the humans. The encyclopedia Taiping yulan quotes from the apocryphal text Li hanwen jia 禮含文嘉 in which the process of making fire is described as Sui Ren invented it. The book Shiyiji 拾遺記 reports of the country of Shenmi 申彌 or Suiming 燧明, where the fire-tree ( 燧木) grows from which easily a ready-to-use fire can be made. Annual seasons or day and night do not exist in these countries, humans are immortal and are able to ascend to Heaven.

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