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Persons in Chinese History - Zhang Ji 張既

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Zhang Ji 張既 (died 223 CE), courtesy name Derong 德容, was an offical of the early Wei period 曹魏 (220-265). He hailed from Gaoling 高陵 in the commandery of Fengyu 馮翊 (today in Shaanxi) and was recommended as a person of filial and incorruptible behaviour (xiaolian 孝廉). Having filled an initial post as a minor local official, he was appointed magistrate (ling 令) of Xinfeng 新豐, and excellently fulfilled the administrative duties in this commandery. In 205 rebellions shook the province of Bingzhou 幷州 (approx. modern Shanxi): The governor of Hedong 河東, Guo Yuan 郭援, and the regional inspector (cishi 刺史) Gao Gan 高幹 exploited their territories, and the steppe federation of the Xiongnu 匈奴 invaded Chinese territory. Zhang Ji asked the western warlord Ma Teng 馬騰 to send his son Ma Chao 馬超 with relief troops to support the warlord Cao Cao 曹操 in the pacification of that province. Guo Yuan was defeated first. Cao Cao, being factual regent of the empire, appointed Zhang Ji court gentleman for consulation (yilang 議郎) and attached him to the staff of metropolitan commandant (sili xiaowei 司隸校尉) Zhong Yao 鍾繇. They unified their troops with Ma Teng and crushed the rebels Gao Gan and Zhang Cheng 張晟. For his victory Zhang Ji rewarded with the title of Neibourhood Marquis of Wushi 武始亭侯. Ma Chao later turned against Cao Cao, but was defeated in the battle of Huayin 華陰, in which Zhang participated. Cao Cao made him metropolitan magistrate (Jingzhao yin 京兆尹). During that time Zhang Ji took important measures to bring relief and resettle rural refugees. After the Cao Cao's adoption of the title of king of Wei, Zhang Ji was made imperial secretary (shangshu 尚書), then regional inspector of the province of Yongzhou 雍州 (approx. Shaanxi). Cao Cao defeated Zhang Lu 張魯, a leader of a sectarian uprising in the region of Hanzhong 漢中. In order to repopulate the region around the old capital Chang'an 長安 (Xi'an 西安, Shaanxi), Zhang Ji suggested to have the population of Hanzhong resettle in the metropolitan region. Zhang's population policy played also a role in his next function as regional inspector of the western province of Liangzhou 涼州 (approx. modern Gansu), where the Qiang 羌 and Hu 胡 barbarians, as well as the rebel Ju Guang 麴光 disturbed the peace. Zhang Ji successfully pacified the barbarians and war rewarded with the title of Township Marquis of Xixiang 西鄉侯. He remained in this region for several years. His posthumous title was Marquis Su 西鄉肅侯.

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