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Persons in Chinese History - Zhang Fan 張範

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Zhang Fan 張範 (d. 212), courtesy name Gongyi 公儀, was a court official during the very late Eastern Han period 東漢 (25-220 CE). retainer of the warlord Yuan Shu 袁術 during the very late Eastern Han period. He hailed from Youwu 脩武 in the commandery of Henei 河內 (modern Wuzhi 武陟, Henan) and was the son of Minister of Education (situ 司徒) Zhang Xin 張歆. When Yuan Shu planned to proclaim himself emperor and called Zhang to the court, the latter dared not to participate in this illegitmate act and instead entrusted his younger brother Zhang Cheng 張承 with the task to serve Yuan Shu. Later on the two brothers fled to the south. In 208 Zhang Fan had an audience with Cao Cao 曹操, who made him a court gentleman for consultation (yilang 議郎). When the mighty warlord was campaigning, Zhang Fan and Bing Yuan 邴原 were entrusted with the temporary administration of his seat.

Zhang Cheng 張承 (died 218), courtesy name Gongxian 公先, was an official of the very late Eastern Han period. He hailed from Youwu 脩武 in the commandery of Henan 河南 (modern Huojia 獲嘉, Henan) and was the younger brother of Zhang Fan 张範. Cheng held the office of court gentleman for consultation (yilang 議郎) and was then transferred to the post of commandant (duwei 都尉) of Yique 伊闕. When Dong Zhuo 董卓 usurped the power of the cental government, Cheng planned to challenge the tyrant by military power, but his brother Fan gave him the advice to resign resigned and to withdraw to the province of Yangzhou 揚州. He served the warlord Yuan Shu 袁術, but the latter was not very fond of Cheng's criticism against his plans to assume the title of emperor, and dismissed him. Later on the offered his services to the warlord Cao Cao 曹操, who made him *Counsellor-in-chief concurrently serving as chancellor in the army (chengxiang canjun jijiu 丞相参军祭酒) and governor (taishou 太守) of the commandery of Zhaojun 趙郡. Cheng was ordered to participate in the western campaign of Cao Cao against Zhang Lu 張魯, but he fell ill soon and died in the old capital Chang'an 長安.

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