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Persons in Chinese History - Wen Hui 溫恢

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Wen Hui 溫恢, courtesy name Manji 曼基, was an official of the early Wei period 曹魏 (220-265). He hailed from Qi 祁 in the commandery of Taiyuan 太原 (today in Shanxi). Recommended as a filial and uncorrupt person (xiaolian 孝廉), he obtained a post as headman of Linqiu 廩丘, then as magistrate (ling 令) of Yanling 鄢陵, and later Guangchuan 廣川. He was then hired as recorder of the Counsellor-in-chief (chengxiang zhubu 丞相主簿) and soon appointed regional inspector (cishi 刺史) of the province of Yangzhou 揚州. The warlord Cao Cao 曹操 was quite impressed by his efficient administration. Emperor Wen 魏文帝 ( r. 220-226), Cao Cao's son, therefore appointed him attendant gentleman (shilang 侍中) and then governor (taishou 太守) of the commandery of Weijun 魏郡. After several years in service he was transferred to the post of regional inspector of the western province of Liangzhou 涼州, where he had to deal with the suppression of barbarian tribes, particulary the Tanguts. He therefore bore the title of commander protecting the Qiang (hu Qiang xiaowei 護羌校尉). He died in the age of just 45 sui.

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