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Man Chong 滿寵

Jun 16, 2016 © Ulrich Theobald

Man Chong 滿寵 (d. 242 CE), courtesy name Boning 伯寧, was a military commander of the Wei dynasty 曹魏 (220-265) during the Three Kingdoms period 三國 (220-280).

His home town was Changyi 昌邑 in the commandery of Shanyang 山陽 (today Juye 巨野, Shandong) and was an officer of the warlord Cao Cao 曹操. His military successes brought him an appointment as governor (taishou 太守) of the commandery of Runan 汝南. Man also fought against the troops of Yuan Shao 袁紹 and Sun Quan 孫權. When Guan Yu 關羽 attacked the city of Fancheng 樊城, Man Chong supported Xu Huang 徐晃 and forced Guan Yu to withdraw. This earned him the title of Neighbourhood Marquis of Anchang 安昌亭侯.

During the reign of Emperor Wen 魏文帝 (r. 220-226), Man Chong defeated the army of the southeastern empire of Wu 吳 (222-280) in the battle of Jiangling 江陵, and was thereupon granted the title of General Suppressing the Waves (fubo jiangjun 伏波將軍), and a promotion as Township Marquis of Nanxiang 南鄉侯. Emperor Ming 魏明帝 (r. 226-239 CE) gave him the title of Marquis of Changyi 昌邑侯 and appointed him regional incpector (cishi 刺史) of the province of Yuzhou 豫州. Man Chong was famous for his straightforward, brave and dauntless character. He died with the honorific title of Defender-in-chief (taiwei 太尉), and was granted the posthumous title of Marquis Jing 昌邑景侯.

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