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Persons in Chinese History - Liang Xi 梁習

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Liang Xi 梁習 (died 230 CE), courtesy name Ziyu 子虞, was an official of the early Wei period 曹魏 (220-265). He hailed from Zhe 柘 in the commandery of Chenjun 陳郡 (today's Zhecheng 柘城, Henan) and was a petty official in that area. The warlord Cao Cao 曹操 appointed him village head of Zhangxian 漳縣, then magistrate (ling 令) of Chengshi 乘氏, Haixi 海西 and then Xiapi 下邳. When Cao Cao pacified the province of Bingzhou 幷州 (approx. modern Shanxi), a region afflicted by barbarian raids and the fights of the local gentry, he decided to appoint Liang Xi XXX 別部司馬 and regional inspector (cishi 刺史) of that province. Liang Xi was able to end the strifes of the powerful families, to pacify the Xiongnu living north of the province, and brought law and order into the region. He promoted agriculture, cared for a more regular registration of farmer's households, and selected competent persons from the province for appointment in the administration. For this success he was bestowed the title of a Marquis within the Passes (guanneihou 關內侯). In 213 he was promoted to court gentleman for consultation (yilang 議郎 ) and entrusted with the task of assistant to the commander-in-chief for the western region (xibu dudu congshi 西部都督從事), i.e. the provinces of Bingzhou and Jizhou 冀州. When Cao Pi 曹丕 assumed the title of emperor (Emperor Wen of Wei 魏文帝, r. 220-226), Liang Xi was made Neighbourhood Marquis of Shenmen 申門亭侯. Emperor Ming 魏明帝 (r. 226-239 CE) appointed Liang Xi Chamberlain for the National Treasury (da sinong 大司農). He is rated as a honest, incorrupt and very austerely living official.

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