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Although the Sui period was only a short interlude in Chinese technology history, we can observe technological progress in certain fields of science. The Confucian scholar Liu Zhuo 劉焯 was also an important astrologer. He used more sophisticated methods to calculate the begin of the year and created the Huangji Calendar 皇極曆 that served as the base for later calendrical calculations of the Tang period 唐. Liu Zhuo calculated the positions and paths of the five planets. The astronomer Geng Xun 耿詢 constructed an armillary sphere that was moved by water.
Chao Yuanfang 巢元方 wrote a medical compendium called "Origin and Treatment of the Diseases" Zhubing yuanhou lun 諸病源候論.
Basing on the popular census, several geographies of Sui China were complied. The geographer Pei Ju 裴矩 observed topographical features and customs of the population in the western regions, demonstrated in his book Xiyu tuji 西域圖記.
The oldest still extant segment arch stone bridge of China, the Anji Bridge 安濟橋 near Zhaozhou 趙州 (modern Zhaoxian 趙縣/Hebei), was constructed by the Sui period architect Li Chun 李春.

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