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Persons in Chinese History - Xu Chu 許褚

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Xu Chu 許褚, courtesy name Zhongkang 仲康, was a military officer of the very early Wei period 曹魏 (220-265). He hailed from the same town as the warlord Cao Cao 曹操 and proved his military competence by assembling a large militia army for the defense against the Yellow Turban 黃巾 rebels. Cao Cao thereupon made him commander (duwei 都尉) and took him into his personal guard (suwei 宿衛). Xu Chu took part in the battle against Zhang Xiu 張繡 and then promoted to the rank of commandant (xiaowei 校尉). During the campaign against the tyrant Yuan Shao 袁紹 Xu Chu saved the life of Cao Cao by unveiling an attempt of assassination. Highly trusted by the warlord, and because of his military laurels, Xu Chu was given the title of Marquis within the Passes (guanneihou 關內侯). His utmost loyalty to Cao Cao was again proved during the war against Han Sui 韓遂 and Ma Chao 馬超, earning him the title of commander of martial guard (wuwei zhonglangjiang 武衛中郎將). In the army Xu was known as the "tiger idiot" (huchi 虎癡) or the "tiger marquess" (huhou 虎侯). When Cao Cao's son Cao Pi 曹丕 (known as Emperor Wen 魏文帝, r. 220-226) adopted the title of emperor, Xu Chu was given the title of Neighbourhood Marquis of Wansui 萬歲亭侯 and allowed to bear the name of General of Martial Guard (wuwei jiangjun 武衛將軍). He commanded the imperial bodyguard. Emperor Ming 魏明帝 (r. 226-239 CE) promoted him to Township Marquis of Mouxiang 牟鄉侯. His posthumous title is Marquis Zhuang 壯侯.

Source: Zhang Shunhui 張舜徽 (ed. 1992), Sanguozhi cidian 三國志辭典 (Jinan: Shandong jiaoyu chubanshe), p. 433.

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