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Persons in Chinese History - Tian Chou 田疇

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Tian Chou 田疇 (169-214), courtesy name Tian Zitai 田子泰, was a high official under the warlord Cao Cao 曹操 during the last decade of the Eastern Han period 東漢 (25-220 CE). He came from Wuzhong 無終 in Youbeiping 右北平 (modern Jixian 縣薊, Hebei). As an excellently educated person he was a retainer of Liu Yu 劉虞, regional governor (mu 牧) of the province of Youzhou 幽州. In 207 he decided to offer his services to Cao Cao who undertook a campaign against the nomad federation of the Wuhuan 烏桓 in the Mongolian steppe. Tian Chou was made a clerk in the civil affairs section of the Ministry of Works (sikong hucao yuan 司空戶曹掾). For his successful participation in the campaign he was offered the title of neighbourhood marquis (tinghou 亭侯), but Tian Chou declined. He also refused to be ennobled for his merits during the campaign to Jingzhou 荊州 in the south, and contented himself with the post of court gentleman for consultation (yilang 議郎). Tian Chou died with the age of only 46 sui.

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