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Persons in Chinese History - Hua Tuo 華佗

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Hua Tuo 華佗 (d. 208?), also called Hua Fu 華旉, courtesy name Yuanhua 元化, was a famous physician of the late Eastern Han period 後漢 (25-220 CE). He hailed from Qiao 譙 in the princedom of Pei 沛國 (today's Boxian 亳縣, Anhui) and learned as a young man while travelling around. In contrast to most of his peers, he was not interested in a post in the administration, but dedicated his life to learning nature and physic. He studies the diseases of the inner body, that of women, of children, and practiced acupuncture and moxibustion. He was famous for his treatment in the discipline of what would today be called external medicine, and people consulted him on his journey through many provinces. Yet Hua Tuo also used some chirurgical techniques for problems in the abdomen, for which purpose he made use of a medicine with anesthetic effects. It was called mafeisan 麻沸散. By imitating the movements of beasts and birds, he was also able to cure diseases by the "play of the various birds" (wuqin xi 五禽戲), probably a kind of gymnastics.
Hua Tuo was killed when he refused to treat the warlord Cao Cao 曹操.
A medical treatise called Zhongcangjing 中藏經 "On the inner stores (i.e. organs)" (also called Huashi zhongcang jing 華氏中藏經) was said to have been written by Hua Tuo, but was probably written at a later date.

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