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Dong Yun 董允

Jun 24, 2021 © Ulrich Theobald

Dong Yun 董允 (d. 246), courtesy name Xiuzhao 休昭, was a civilian and military official of Shu-Han 蜀漢 (221-263), one of the Three Empires 三國 (220~280 CE).

He hailed from Zhijiang 枝江 in the commandery of Nanjun 南郡 (today in Hubei) and was a secretary of the Heir Apparent (taizi sheren 太子舍人) Liu Shan 劉禪 (r. 223-263 CE). When the latter was enthroned, Dong was made attendant gentleman of the Yellow Gate (huangmen shilang 黃門侍郎).

When Counsellor-in-chief Zhuge Liang 諸葛亮 (181-234) prepared his northern expedition against the empire of Wei in 227, Dong was elevated to the rank of palace attendant (shizhong 侍中) and given the command over the imperial bodyguard (suwei xinbing 宿衛親兵), with the title of commander of the guard Brave-as-Tigers (huben zhonglangjiang 虎賁中郎將). Dong Yun often remonstrated against the young emperor's misdoings (for instance, his attempt to enlarge the number of court ladies and secondary consorts), and was therefore highly appreciated by the sovereign. He played a prominent role in the suppression of Huang Hao's 黃皓 ambitions of usurping power at the court.

Thereafter, he served for some time as Director of the Imperial Secretariat (shangshu ling 尚書令). As Bulwark-General of the State (fuguo jiangjun 輔國將軍), Dong assisted General-in-chief (da jiangjun 大將軍) Fei Yi 費禕 (d. 253).

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