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Chinese Arts - Plastic and Graphic Art
Contemporary Art 當代藝術

Some links to modern painters:
Du Xinjian - Contemporary Chinese Artist
Background and portfolio of contemporary Chinese artist who paints surrealist style oil paintings. Free screensaver of his modern Chinese art available online.
Xue Jiye
Explore Xue Jiye's contemporary Chinese art, including classical and modern oil paintings and sculptures. Learn about the artist and download a free screensaver.
Wang Jing: Modern Chinese Art
Colourful floral, animal and human figurative semi-abstract paintings by this Chinese woman artist. Download a free screensaver with her modern Chinese art.
Song Haizeng
View cheerful, figurative oil paintings by this Chinese artist. Each painting is unique, and all are self-portraits of an artist with a very positive philosophy.
Wu Meng Chun - Contemporary Chinese Art
Chinese artist presents a complete online portfolio of his self-portrait artwork. Wu describes the influence of his Chinese Buddhist teachings on his paintings.
Morgan - Chinese Artist
Morgan, a Chinese artist, exhibits his paintings of figures, half-submerged or floating in the water. Art critique, biography and screensavers are also available.
Art Scene China - a modern Chinese art gallery based in Shanghai featuring full portfolios online of over 20 of China's leading contemporary Chinese artists.
New Chinese Art: Center for Contemporary Chinese Art - a noncommercial center for contemporary Chinese art showcasing modern Chinese painting, lithographs, sculptures, installations and other artwork.

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