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Qianbi chuyan 錢幣芻言 "Crude Words about Paper Notes"

The Qianbi chuyan 錢幣芻言 "Crude Words about Paper Notes" is a book on money written by the late Qing period 清 (1644-1911) scholar Wang Liu 王鎏 (1786 -1834). The book was published in 1837 under the title Chaobi chuyan 鈔幣芻言. The book seemed so interesting to contemporaries that it was soon supplemented by the books Qianbi chuyan xuke 錢幣芻言續刻 and Qianbi chuyan zaixu 錢幣芻言再續. The reason for the great public interest in these texts was that silver became more and more dear in comparison to copper cash, so that many officials thought about the reintroduction of paper currency that had been out of use since the early Ming period, when this type of money had disastrously failed. Wang Liu's book was the most important publication concerning the discourse about the introduction of paper money, which was only implemented during the Xianfeng reign 咸豐 (1851-1861) several decades later.

Source: Wang Yi 王益, Bai Qinxian 白欽先 (ed. 2000). Dangdai jiinrong cidian 當代金融辭典, Beijing: Zhongguo jingji chubanshe, p. 809.
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