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Xiangtai wujing 相臺五經

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The Xiangtai wujing 相臺五經 "The Five Classics from Xiangtai Terrace" is an edition of originally nine Confucian Classics (then called Xiangtai jiujing 相臺九經) by the Southern Song period 南宋 (1127-1279) scholar Yue Ke 岳珂. The print was produced with greatest care and after critical comparison of 23 earlier editions that were owned by the publisher himself. The revised editions by the Yu company from Jian'an 建安余氏 (Yu Renzhong's 余仁仲 Wanjuan Hall 万卷堂) and Master Yu from Xingguo 興國于氏 served as the reference texts (in a revised edition by Liao Gang 廖剛). The original version of the Xiangtai wujing went lost, and only part of it survived, including five classics, namely the Yijing 易經 (Zhouyi 周易), Shangshu 尚書, Shijing 詩經 (Maoshi 毛詩), Liji 禮記 and Zuozhuan 左傳. It is therefore transmitted with the title Xiangtai wujing. These parts were reprinted during the Guangxu 光緒 reign of the Qing period 清 (1644-1911) by the scholar Gao Zongqiu 高宗求. During the Qianlong reign 乾隆 (1736-1796) an imitation of Yue Ke's book was printed by the imperial printing shop in the Hall of Military Glory (Wuyingdian 武英殿). It has the title Yuding fang Song Xiangtai Yueshi ben wujing 御定仿宋相臺岳氏本五經 and a length of 96 juan "scrolls", and includes a critical apparatus.

相臺五經 Xiangtai wujing
(Song) 岳珂 Yue Ke (comp.)
書名, length in juan Title Author(s)
周易 九卷 Zhouyi (Wei) 王弼 Wang Bi, (Jin) 韓康伯 Han Kangbo (comm.)
周易略例 一卷 Zhouyi lüeli (Wei) 王弼 Wang Bi; (Tang) 邢機 Xing Ji (comm.), 陸德明 Lu Deming (phon. comm.)
尚書 十三卷 Shangshu (Han) 孔安國 Kong Anguo (transm.), (Tang) 陸德明 Lu Deming (phon. comm.)
毛詩 二十卷 Maoshi (Han) 毛亨 Mao Heng (transm.), 鄭玄 Zheng Xuan (comm.), (Tang) 陸德明 Lu Deming (phon. comm.)
禮記 二十卷 Liji (Han) 鄭玄 Zheng Xuan (comm.), (Tang) 陸德明 Lu Deming (phon. comm.)
春秋經傳集解 三十卷 Chunqiu jingzhuan jijie (Jin) 杜預 Du Yu, (Tang) 陸德明 Lu Deming (phon. comm.)
春秋年表 一卷 Chunqiu nianbiao
春秋名號歸一圖 二卷 Chunqiu ming hao gui yi tu (Later Shu) 馮繼先 Feng Jixian
Shanghai tushuguan 上海圖書館 (ed. 1982), Zhongguo congshu zonglu 中國叢書綜錄, vol 1, p. 591. Shanghai: Shanghai guji chubanshe.

Source: Sheng Guangzhi 盛廣智 (1996), "Xiangtai wujing 相臺五經",in Zhuzi baijia da cidian 諸子百家大辭典 (Shenyang: Liaoning renmin chubanshe), p. 296.

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