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Chinese Literature
Bamboo slip inscriptions

The most important of these findings are:
  • Chuzhushu 楚竹書 "The bamboo books from the state of Chu"
  • Dingxian Hanjian 定縣漢簡 "The Han slips found in Dingxian"
  • Fuyang Hanjian 阜陽漢簡 "The Han slips found in Fuyang"
  • Guodian Chujian 郭店楚簡 "The slips from the state of Chu found in Guodian"
  • Juyan Hanjian 居延漢簡 "The Han slips found in Juyan"
  • Sanxian jiandu 散見簡牘 "The tablets from Sanxian"
  • Mawangdui Hanmu boshu 馬王堆漢墓帛書 "The silk books from the Han tomb found in Mawangdui"
  • Shuihudi Qinmu zhujian 睡虎地秦墓竹簡 "The bamboo slips from the Qin tomb found in Shuihudi"
  • Wuwei Hanjian 武威漢簡 "The Han slips found in Wuwei"
  • Yinqueshan Hanmu zhujian 銀雀山漢墓竹簡 "The bamboo slips from the Han tomb found in Yinqueshan"
  • Zhangjiashan Hanjian 張家山漢簡 "The Han slips found in Zhangjiashan"
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